Výběr jazyka

Tomáš Liška

double bass | upright bass

Tomáš LiškaStudied double-bass at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague and in 2013 finished a masters in composition at the prestigious Jazz Institut Berlin, under the direction of renowned American teachers Greg Cohen and John Hollenbeck. Tomáš has performed internationally at jazz festivals and concert halls across Europe, the Americas, and Africa, and has won several prizes at jazz festivals in Poland and Spain. His key collaborators, besides Marta Topferova, are David Dorůžka, Steve Walsh, Druhá tráva, Beáta Hlavenková, Cyrille Oswald, Lenka Dusilová, Eternal Seekers, Dan Tepfer, Mark Aanderud, and many others. Tomáš's debut album as a composer, "Invisible World" (2009 Animal Music), received the Tais Awards prize for the most original recording of 2009, and was nominated for the Czech Grammy awards (Anděl).